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Anton Corbijn, 52, is a Dutch photographer and music-video director, best known for his work with Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus' (1989), Nirvana's 'Heart-Shaped Box' (1993) and the cover images for U2's 'The Joshua Tree' (1987).

He took a photograph of us out on this rowing boat. He was very approachable; he made us feel very comfortable. We felt very comfortable with him right from the beginning. He joins in with the goofing around, but while he's doing that, he's very serious in the pictures that he's taking.After that he became better; he changed a lot and we started to have real conversations. He's so great-looking it's hard to be photographed with him; you look like a loser.I felt like I ended up becoming a thinking member of the band. It was great to see the warmth and love we have for each other.But by 1986 they had changed quite a bit, and I was asked to do a video; it had to be done in America.I really wanted to do a video in the US and I quickly thought of an idea: it was for the single "A Question of Time".

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