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It’s not always so lucky that you will cross paths with your soul mate, for example, what are the chances that I an American and Ben a Brit were in Goa, India at the same time to meet? This app kind of helps you along to meet someone you might be in the same town as abroad, and would otherwise not know it.This app is a “selective” dating platform that “connects ambitious like-minded poeple” meaning that when you sign up, you are first vetted before your account is approved.David recognized this and decided to add in a geolocation API that shows where users are located during any given moment.Of course, users have the option to include whether or not to show their location. Their location will appear as being in San Francisco for the majority of the time.He understood that swiping left and right simply wasn’t enough to drive successful results.In order to make dating apps better, David looked towards technology.Today, most daters rely heavily on apps for interactions.

Since The Inner Circle’s launch in Europe in 2013, the app has gone live in major cities across the US, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston.When The Inner Circle launched in New York City last October, more than 32,000 people signed up within the first three months.“The problem with most dating apps is that many do not provide enough information about their users,” David said. I wanted to make an exclusive dating app that leverages technology in every way possible.The Inner Circle provides unique features designed to help users really connect with each other before meeting in person.This algorithm automatically chooses the photos for the user to ensure that pictures are available immediately. All of these details help users really determine if this is someone they would want to meet with or not.Users then have the option to fill in additional profile details, including an “about me” section, “favorite cities,” “the best places to go” and “what you do in your free time.” The Inner Circle offers an additional area where users can ask, “who is up for what” and they can then fill in the blank with their favorite activity (e.g. A major goal of The Inner Circle is to help bring back actual human interactions.

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  1. This maddening situation is all too familiar: Sixty-nine percent of people have been confused at least once about whether or not a hangout with a potential romantic partner was actually a date, according to a USA Today survey. ] Here, three ways to get to the bottom of where things are going—without losing a potentially awesome platonic friendship. “Do you want to be in a relationship with him or just in a relationship?