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Ask Mars Venus is part of the Venus Mars company owned by renowned psychologist and author, John Gray.

Ask Mars Venus was established as a result of the widespread success following the release of the “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” book series release in the 1990’s that initiated a movement of stronger communication between men and women.

With the compassion and understanding that John Gray brings to all of his work, he takes us through the five stages of dating: Attraction, Uncertainty, Exclusivity, Intimacy, and Engagement.

Even though Mars and Venus on a Date isn't The Rules by a long shot, the courtship it describes is surprisingly old-fashioned.

It's chock-full of things your mother might say: "Most people find or are found by their soul mates when they are not really looking." "The man should never talk more than the woman." But how to know if the person you're with is your "soul mate?

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