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Nor do changes to plugins seem to get reloaded so having to close UE4, and start it back up all the time.Jay Ice Ware Eh, Eclipse is fast, so are a lot of other IDE's. Especially when you start watching it, constantly reparsing the includes.For any SQL Server Performance Tuning Issue send email at [email protected] is also a Cross Fit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) and Cross Fit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2).Hmnyari, Same here, it would be easy to rename Intellisense to either Intelli NONsense, or Intellipain!Besides just being painfully slow, half the time, it's telling me there are no errors when errors exist, etc.Most likely this is not a mssql problem, but an Intelli Sense cache issue.

Eclipse can be fast, and if you load it up with all the plugins available for it, you can slow it down considerably.

where my SSMS Intellisense Cache is not refreshed or updated.

This is indeed very frustrating when you are presenting something on stage as the red underline means an error in graved in many people’s minds and it is hard for them to believe when the code with underline runs successfully. Where I had just dropped index but SSMS Intellisense was still showing that the index exists.

When you Disable Auto Updating, you will also turn off Intellisense Squiggles Which was fine by me, because well, the "squiggles" were generally in error... Jay Ice Ware I know this is a really old post, but I was struggling with this for quite some time and finally found a solution!

So, to any of you out there that struggle with the impossibly slow Intellisense, head down to this link: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?

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