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The bill came in the mail and I found out he didn't pay it. and I going on a double date with my ex brother and his girlfriend. About a year after we married he stopped coming home. He started ordering me around and treating me like a Maid and Nanny and not a wife. Anytime I voice an answer longer than yes or no, he says I am being defensive.

When she finally comes out I ask her why and she says she needs alone time. For the first four years of our marriage life was great and we were more than happy together. I've spoken to him about my feelings, but he just dismisses everything I say. My wife has gone the other way and now there are demons walking the earth and the Illuminati is poisoning the air, food, and everything else. that when you share your depth of despair with your situation , wether you've been in it years or months that people lack empathy You know when someone pours their heart out to you even when it's for the umpteenth time .... My life has gone from 100-0 in the past 15years..... Now we moved in together, it's been a year and he still doesn't have a job. We were both Christians when we got married, but I've lost my faith. DC4K groups blend, games, music, stories, videos and discussion to help kids process the divorce and move forward.Groups meet weekly and are designed for children ages 5-12.

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