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As he sipped on his chai tea latte outside a coffee shop on Third Street in Beaver, his attention was diverted.A young woman in tight yoga pants briskly walked down the street. A mixture of lust and admiration crossed his face and he commented on her, well, assets.

Studies show that the number of women who had sex before getting married skyrocketed between 19.

You had a lot of girls who wouldnt even kiss on the first date.

Now, 30 percent of the time youre (having sex) on the first date.

The older you get, the more difficult this becomes, he said.

You want to start finding that forever person, whatever that looks like for you.---Before the 1960s, sex was a taboo topic. Mothers didnt take their daughters for birth control -- the Pill was only approved in the early 1960s. Those who live a polyamorous lifestyle, swingers, those in open marriages -- those choices arent widely accepted.

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