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In Singapore and India, non-consensual sex within marriage is not a criminal offence, and does not constitute rape as long as the wife is above a certain age – 15 years old in India, and only 13 in Singapore.

In Yemen, where child marriage is rife, there is no lower age limit to define rape in marriage.

However, there are too many things Saudi women still cannot do in a country where their human right to freedom of movement is routinely denied.

Equality before the law can never exist if a woman’s voice counts for less in legal proceedings.

And it was only in 2012 that sexism in the line of the succession to the throne was wiped out and the first born child, whatever gender, became first in line to the throne.

While inheritance laws might perpetuate inequality by rewarding "the accident of birth," it’s a sad fact when the thing that unifies the richest and the poorest is gender discrimination.

Laws affecting a person’s national identity continue to discriminate against women.

Yet in countries like Pakistan and Iran, a woman’s voice is not given equal weight.

For certain offences in Iran, evidence from two women is required alongside only one testimony from a man, implying that a woman’s evidence is half as valuable.

In July 2016, Tanzania took a huge step toward eliminating child marriage.

Now, a man who marries or impregnates a school-age girl faces up to 30 years in prison.

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