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This is more likely to be effective and can be a good option for dogs with pure noise phobias because you can reliably predict the need for sedation on July 4th and New Year's Eve.But pure noise phobias (as opposed to storm phobias) are rare and in this part of Florida the summer thunderstorm season is several months long where we have almost daily afternoon storms.To my dismay my companion has become stressed in the car, pants and paces.I have tried prescribed medications, natural remedies ect... My dog Chopper, a boxer mix, is the first dog I have ever had with storm anxiety. The first time I used it, a friend & I were completely amazed. My partner recently witnessed how smoothly and quickly the Thunder Shirt works & tells everybody about it! Our own 3-year-old Shih Tzu begins to shake uncontrollably when he feels a storm coming. We have been using Thunder Shirt at our hospital in Tallahassee, Florida and are very happy with the results.So I have seen the terrible potential for storm phobias.The patient I just described was on Clomipramine and Xanax and it just didn't help.I saw an ad for the Thunder Shirt in a pet magazine and thought, 'What do I have to lose? The first time I put it on she was mortified and looked ridiculous, but I kept trying. She pants calmly, practically closes her eyes and does NOT pace! I had been giving him Acepromazine, but of course that takes time to work, being a pill - It often didn't take effect until after the storm had passed. I am a certified Vet Tech, I don't like giving unnecessary drugs to my pets. I am truly amazed, happy, and VERY satisfied with the Thunder Shirt. When we used the Thunder Shirt for the first time when a storm was coming, we were amazed that in less than a minute, he stopped shaking, laid down quietly in the room where we were and stayed there calmly through the storm. We probably fit 2 or 3 dogs a day with Thunder Shirt.

Well, I was happy to see that she did better riding in the car because she doesn't care for car rides. It stormed all day and as you can see in the picture I'm attaching, she slept through most of it. We are both much happier during the rainy months here in Arkansas. We bought some Thunder Shirts at the CVC Kansas City.We also use them to calm dogs that are anxious during their exams, daycare or boarding.We joke that a Thunder Shirt is a shirt that gives a hug, and our clients love them! My client received the Thunder Shirt this April and we had some pretty significant lightning storms soon thereafter.Nikki, a big skeptic, tried one on her Australian Shepherd, Marble.Marble has severe thunderstorm anxiety and is very destructive to the house, kennel and herself before and during storms.

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