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And back in February of that year, another top aide, Frank Bailey, sent around a San Francisco Chronicle piece that referred to Palin as "Alaska's young, hot, Vogue-posing, female Republican governor" who "could become the popular favorite to be Sen.John Mc Cain's running mate." Later that summer, the feelers became more intense.Months before Senator Mc Cain picked her as his running mate, then-Governor Palin was privately expressing interest in the post.

Now 47, Sarah has vehemently denied cheating on her husband, and Hanson insisted he was never involved with the former Alaska governor.Mc Ginniss quotes friends as saying that when Todd wasn't there, busy Sarah would let the kids fend for themselves, and writes that daughters Bristol and Willow's meals often consisted of 'burnt' pots of Kraft mac and cheese made on the stove.NEW YORK -- Long before the glory days of the Republican convention, the exultant crowds greeting them in venues across the country, the sniping and backtalk in the heat of the campaign and the post-defeat blame game, Sarah Palin and John Mc Cain were engaged in a subtle courtship dance, much of which is revealed in the email document dump released today by the state of Alaska. Marine Dakota Meyer may have been canceled, but that’s not going to stop them from celebrating.Bristol’s mother, Sarah Palin, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement, “This Kentucky farm is a beautiful setting for our friends and families to gather in celebration of life itself this Memorial Day weekend.

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she is taking it slow." As for her former fake finace?

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