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I would like to become a Mason but currently am undergoing a legal battle. Prideaux Street: 38 525 Cathcart Street City: Winnipeg State: Man Zip: R3R OS6Phone: (204) 333-7752email: [email protected] Name: 2.0Date: August 06, 2006Time: PM Comments I congradulate you on your site. could you please incorporate more pics of the Order of The Knights Templar.

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Old guestbook, kept for historical purposes To read guest book from through Kena Shriners (Hiram's Oasis) "Helping Kids Defy the Odds" In the Oasis of Fairfax, Desert of Virginia Name: kamala Street: damas City: damascus State: Zip: Phone: email: [email protected] Code: 123Remote Name: April 16, 2007Time: AM Comments great website congratulations..i really like it and it's very helpful..syria we dont have a very good idea about the masons and i tried so hard to find informations .this site helped me alot..go on...bless you Name: tatyana cvetkovic Street: 48 rue fesch City: ajaccio State: fr Zip: 200000Phone: 0495212197email: [email protected] Code: 123Remote Name: March 31, 2007Time: AM Comments I would like to know if the monument of unknown hero near Belgrade(Avala mountain) is masonic temple. Brother Jeff flood Maritme lodge # 239 FAM of WA Name: Jane Ardito Street: 20 way st City: newport State: ri Zip: 02840Phone: 401-847-1159email: [email protected] Code: 123Remote Name: March 05, 2007Time: PM Comments this is so touching Name: Harry M. Street: 2205 Missouri Avenue City: Saint Cloud State: FLZip: 34769Phone: (407) 492-7292email: [email protected] Code: 123Remote Name: 70.1Date: February 23, 2007Time: PM Comments Excellent Website. I needed something for an upcoming event and the 3d square and compasses in the clouds is wonderful. Stuart Street: 127 West Booker City: Marceline State: MOZip: 64658-1311Phone: 660-376-2847email: [email protected] Code: 123Remote Name: January 31, 2007Time: PM Comments Just varrived at the site, but have been given a rave review of the site from my older brother( also a Bro. Name: Dean Street: 3673 state route 287City: Jersey Shore State: pa Zip: 17740Phone: 570-398-7464email: [email protected] Spam Code: 123Remote Name: .219Date: January 28, 2007Time: AM Comments very good site Name: Gordon Borlase Street: P. Box 821City: Fourways, South Africa State: Zip: 2055Phone: 27834242682email: [email protected] Code: 123Remote Name: 1.210Date: January 09, 2007Time: PM Comments Very impressive and comprehensive archive. My father, Jorge Eduardo Muniz Acosta is a Past Master of Roof of the World lodge #1094 in La Oroya, Peru which is about 14,167 ft. I was wondering if anyone could give me the exact address of the lodge, or a telephone number? I got onto this site to ask a question and received an interesting history lesson.

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