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Women feel attraction to a guy’s masculine behavior, thinking, actions and communication style, so if you can display that when you talk to a woman on Facebook, she will be much more interested in talking to you and seeing you in person.

Here are some butch lesbians and then some feminine women to give you a graphic example of what I mean… Are you more attracted to the butch lesbians who behave like men or the feminine women?

When you behave like a girl or like a little boy on Facebook, women feel as much attraction for you as you feel for butch lesbians. Just like you are attracted to feminine women, women are attracted to masculine men.

So, don’t behave like a girl on Facebook or you will be as unattractive to women as those butch lesbians are to you. Most women have a life or at least have enough responsibilities in life to feel busy.

This is the biggest mistake that I see guys (who are not getting any results with women) making.

They take selfie after selfie of themselves alone at home, alone at the train station, alone at a take away food store, etc.

If you’re a nervous, shy guy who lacks masculinity in real-life interactions and then you post up things on Facebook like a girl would, you will turn women off you even more.

When talking a woman on Facebook, you must be a masculine guy and not use or copy her girly, cute, feminine style of communication. Women are attracted to a man’s masculinity and turned off when a guy is too feminine in his approach, behavior and thinking.

Some guys mistakenly believe that if their messages are “cute,” sweet and full of compliments that a woman will be much more open to talking with them. The more you behave like her, the less interested she will be in talking to you.

To get a woman to feel attraction for you and want to meet you in person, you need to maintain a balanced life rather than just focusing on her or spending all night chatting to people on Facebook.

Ideally, you want a woman to log on to her Facebook page and wonder, and when she doesn’t hear from you, you want her to feel disappointed and as though she is missing out because you’re probably out somewhere having a great time without her.

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When you talk to a woman on the phone, she will feel attraction for you more rapidly than via Facebook messages because she will able to experience your confident, charismatic personality and feel great when you make her laugh.

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