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They were also attacked by the Night Patrol, from whom they narrowly escaped.

Lewis was drawn into the realm of the Lost Angel.(Freex#9) - The Old Man easily defeated the Freex and told them that they needed a leader to train them.

Eventually the others returned, and they found Michael had re-formed and he explained that there was a connection between them.

They were then discovered by the police and fled.(Freex#3) - While still fleeing, Sweetface resisted an attempt to be seduced by the Lost Angel.

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The government went after this nurse, but found her to have vanished without a trace. BTS - Lewis (Anything) joined up with Ray (Boom Boy) wandering aimlessly in the streets, terrifying all around him.Lewis convinced Ray to join with him and he looked out for Ray, who was unused to interacting with anyone.Ray saw Lewis as the hero from his favorite book, and called him Huck.(Freex#1) - Lewis, Ray, and Valerie fought off some cops while stealing some supplies.The Freex fled into the night.(Flood Relief#1) - The Freex listened to a report of the flooding in Des Moines, Iowa.Ray noted that the overflowing Mississippi river was what Huckleberry Finn had floated on, but the rest of them felt sympathy for the victims.(Freex#6) - The Freex were manipulated into an alliance with Mangle, having no idea about his true nature.

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