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K.’s previous work, in making his clueless dolt of a character the butt of nearly every joke and surrounding him with wiser women who know what’s up — especially when compared to the various male characters in the film, who range from men in their 60s who lust for teenagers to a loudmouthed comedy star who mimes masturbation when his friend is talking to an attractive woman on the phone.sort of deeper moral commentary — even something as basic as, “Things are complicated” — only for the comedian and filmmaker to back away from truly holding himself accountable. K.’s work seems, more than ever, to hold as its great theme, “I do these terrible things. I’m talking about one specific scene, in one specific episode of his FX show , in which the show semi-abandoned its “every episode is a standalone short film” format and instead told a long story about Louie falling in love with a European woman and then losing her when she has to return home.

We made the pilot together but it’s from her insides. I’m very excited about it and we’re just about done writing the season and we start shooting in about a month or so. “I’m on stage almost every night now and I’ll probably go on tour in the spring,” he said. I’m on every night working on it but I’m going to wait a while before I put something out. So to me now that there’s no show essentially, if I have an idea that’s burning that feels right for that, it’ll start from the idea. When you start with the premise ‘I have another season to write,’ that’s not a creative source. It was such a great job, I’m likely to try it again at some point.”In addition to with Adlon, who will star. is also working standup material, but will wait a year before releasing another special. It’s that last bit that has garnered plenty of attention in the wake of the November 9 New York Times story in which five women accuse C. of masturbating either in front of them or while on the phone with them, thus confirming long-whispered rumors in comedy circles. K.’s seeming inability to not depict every single thought that floats through his brain onscreen collided with the Times article in a way that borders on the surreal. Everybody’s got secrets.” I’m not even talking about all the times C. has joked about masturbation, or all the times he’s dissected male-female power dynamics in ways that have played as amusingly insightful at the time and now have a layer of queasiness to them.

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