Lil wayne trina dating nivea

On June 12 she wrote: 'There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.

After his death, Cita let her son return back to Cash Money and allow him to get a tattoo dedicated to Rabbit, who Wayne considered his real father.

After getting divorced from Dwayne Michael Turner, Ms. Jacida Carter then met Reginald Mc Donald, also known as Rabbit, who moved Cita and Wayne out of Hollygrove and to East New Orleans.

Rabbit was one of the people who helped convince Weezy‘s mother to let him sign with Cash Money Records and pursue a career rapping.

Three years ago he and Milian were seen together first time and they called this relation off after one year.

Now in 2017 a new girlfriend of Lil Wayne has rumored, so who is the lady that plan to married with this rapper?

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Jacida Carter, also known for short as just Cita, is the mother of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.

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