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The girl is so used to being the one to make the decisions and call the shots that it has become second nature to her. Typically the girl suggests something and you are so excited, happy or whatever that you just agree to it without thinking before acting.Before you know it you are off doing whatever she wants to do, even if you didn’t actually want to.If they don’t follow you become comfortable with the uneasiness that comes when you stray from the group. When you are at a club and you want to dance, just go dance without asking anyone else or checking to see what everyone else is doing. If a girl or your friends want you to go dancing with them but you don’t really want to, DON’T.Leading Date/Relationship exercise Tell your girlfriend or your date to close her eyes and hold your hand.Today’s men have been emasculated and controlled into having no spine.

Then walk her around for a little while with her eyes closed. This will put you in the leadership role and her in the follower role.They want to do everything right in order to not screw this up and go back to being lonely again.Ironically, them trying to do things right will cause the women to lose ALL attraction for them. Not knowing how to lead In the past there used to be training on how to lead and become a man.He knows what he wants in life and doesn’t care if people want to go down that direction.He doesn’t manipulate or control them into going where he wants to go, he simply goes WITHOUT PERMISSION from others.

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  1. soy una chica muy risuea, con las personas que estan alrededor mio, me gusta escuchar mucho a los demas, saber que sienten y que piensan, aparte me encanta ir al cine, bailar ver tv, escuchar musica y sobretodo me encanta ayudar a los animales..