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But it has been running quietly for more than a year – and the damage could have spread across the entire internet.

But once it was installed, that software would actually take over a users' computer and use it to click on fake ads, putting its owners' safety in danger to generate money.

Adult video sites are typically the least reliable when it comes to protecting user information and data, it has warned.

According to Wandera, 40 out of the top 50 adult sites have been exposed.

Digital privacy and free speech campaigners Open Rights Group have previously warned about users about this risk.: “A database of UK citizens’ porn habits will be very valuable to hackers who could use it to blackmail people.

According to ZDnet, another 62 million accounts were tapped into at the more porn-centric likes of Cams.com, 7 million at Penthouse.com, and a couple million more from smaller sites, including Stripshow.com, and i

Even though emails and passwords don’t seem as important as the information collected in the Ashley Madison hack, it can still be used to blackmail users.

That's according to Proofpoint, the security firm that discovered the malicious software.

It pointed out that the damage could easily have been much worse – potentially taking people's browsing data or using the access to their computer to commit fraud.

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