Dating while at college

Things were going great and even though I missed him, I was still happy that we were together. As winter break approached, I grew antsy to come home and see him. I hated saying goodbye again, but it helped that we planned the weeks ahead and when I would be able to come back home.I knew that we would finally get to be back together for almost two months. This semester isn't much different other than that I'm not coming home every weekend. We still talk every day and say our “I miss you's”.If you do like each other, you’re connected immediately and the ball is in your court from there.Once it’s settled that you both like each other, why wouldn’t you say hello?! We’re Lazy & This Is Easy With CMB, you get one Bagel everyday. It takes less than 1 minute and literally could not be any easier.During my visit to Oswego I just didn't love it and I couldn't see myself being there even if that ended up being his choice.I was accepted into all three schools so I now had to choose where I should go.My boyfriend and I started dating my junior year of high school.I had just started looking at colleges and doing visits.

After looking at all the pros and cons of each school, I ultimately chose Brockport. I never wanted to think about what was to come as the time approached for me to leave for Brockport.

My boyfriend is a year younger than me, so he wasn't looking at colleges yet, although he had told me if he went to college he would want to go to Oswego like his parents had.

At the start I thought that if my boyfriend did decide to go to Oswego I would love to be there with him.

I also kept in my head all the talks my mom and I have had about not letting a guy have an impact on my decision.

When I went on my college visits I looked at all 3 schools with an open mind.

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CMB helps you make that connection without the pressure.

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  1. The photogenic twosome started dating when they both starred in costarred in 2012's actress and her man got engaged 18 months later on her 41st birthday at NYC's Blue Hill restaurant.