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Throughout its history, the company has been noted for its glazes, most popular being Ming Turquoise or Turquoise Blue (a sky blue with a darker blue overspray).If you find a piece of Van Briggle in Mountain Craig Brown (a honey brown color with a light green overspray) it has to be dated prior to 1935, when the glaze formula was lost in the flood.

Many, but not all, pieces made in the 1920s bear the Van Briggle Logo and USA on the bottom.

After years of attempting to duplicate the famous dead glaze found on Chinese Ming vases, he succeeded, first exhibiting examples in the Paris Exhibition to great acclaim.

By this time, Van Briggle was in Colorado Springs, seeking a healthier climate to cure tuberculosis.

Antiques experts will use a price guide as the starting point in the antique appraisal and valuation process but also include a host of other factors to determine an antiques true value Continue Reading The Golden Rule when buying antiques, is always to ask the seller and to make sure they answer positively one way or the other.

If the answer is maybe, could be or it might be an original, then think twice before you buy.

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