Dating during custody battle

There was once a presumption that children should always stay with their mother following a divorce.Most states no longer honor that presumption, however.If they can put rancor aside, most parents would agree that their child's best interests should prevail.But, if you are a divorcing dad, you should know some of the factors courts commonly consider in making this determination -- and what steps you can take to show your parenting skills.Experts tell us that children of divorce fare much better if their parents don't use them as pawns in an ongoing battle, but instead allow the children to maintain a positive, healthy relationship with both parents.It's best for your children, and it will be best for you in court.A parent who has tried to poison the child's relationship with the other parent or refused to allow contact with the other parent won't fare well here, unless there's a good reason (such as child abuse or domestic violence).You can help your custody and visitation chances by staying civil and respectful towards your spouse, especially in front of your children.

Especially if you want joint custody, you will need to learn how to provide the support and care your young child needs.However, even though more women work full time now than in the past, women are much more likely to take on the primary caregiver roles.No matter how much or how little involvement you have had in handling these daily tasks so far, you should start taking on as many of these daily tasks as make sense for you, your spouse, and your child.More than ever, I am counseling mothers on how to rights.This means that both parents have equal rights to their children, and the same right to pursue custody of their children in their divorce case.

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In many states, the law presumes that children will be best served by having a meaningful relationship with both parents.

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