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I mean let’s be honest, that’s all cover story “All the Single Ladies” that embraces an end to “traditional marriage.” Times have changed and thanks to more positive attitudes on single parenting and women in the workforce, it’s okay for women to decide to not get married. I don’t need to put in headphones to watch Netflix. And no one ever has to hear the conversations I have with my cats.

I recently unwillingly moved into a studio apartment. Call me a crazy cat lady all you want; I proudly wear that label like a homecoming queen’s sash – covered in cat fur, of course.

Young people switch from relationship to relationship quickly and don’t get married until their late 20s and early 30s, if they even get married at all.

Modern technology makes it possible for people to meet many more possible suitors than ever before, as Aziz Ansari explores in his equally comedic and anthropological debut book, .

Under America’s diagnosis, I am a “crazy cat lady.” This is a judgment, an accusation, a scarlet “C” scratched into my forearm by one of my three cats.

Google the phrase and you will find scores of women frantically defending their right to have cats without being branded as “crazy.” Here’s a checklist I’m supposed to consider as I sit on my bed surrounded by three purring cats: off of the streets and into a loving home.

If loving and providing for an animal makes me crazy and undesirable because that animal is a cat, our society has some serious growing up to do. Samantha Paige Rosen is a New York-based writer behind Samantha Paige Rosen Writing & Research.

If you have a house full of reptiles, I’m not coming over, but I’m also not going to start blogging about meeting a “crazy reptile man” (or woman, let’s be fair).

I gave him my number, not sure if I would ever hear back, but four days later he texted me to invite me to happy hour with a bunch of his friends.

It was hardly a date at all and we went our separate ways at the end of the night. I had a great night with what I thought was a new group of friends and I was looking forward to hanging out with them again.

Propagandists in the anti-suffrage movement used postcards of cats dressed like suffragettes to portray female activists as incompetent and unfit for the political arena.

The term “crazy cat lady” was cemented in American popular culture with “The Simpsons” character Eleanor Abernathy, a cat-hoarding spinster.

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  2. “People hesitate to commit because they want to keep their options open.” Even though they are lonely, people cling to freedom, including sexual freedom, and the material possessions and pleasures. peaked in 1980, but the 2007 rate, 17.5 divorces per 1,000 married women, was still almost double the 1960 rate of 9.2, according to a National Marriage Project report issued in February 2009 by Rutgers University.

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