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It was all, except the index, in corrected proof by September 11th. 152), but in upper case throughout whilst the original, now at the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, reads 'An abstract of an Essay / on the / Origin / of / Species and Varieties / Through natural selection/. Darwin received a copy early in November; Peckham says that Murray sent it on Wednesday 2nd.Darwin was still calling it an abstract up until the end of March, and he roughed out a title page which Lyell showed to Murray. The overseas presentation copies were sent out before Friday 11th, and the home ones must have gone out at about the same time because he received a letter of thanks from John Lubbock on Tuesday 15th, or earlier.The details of its composition and publishing are given in but by the winter it was clear that it would have to be a book.In March Lyell mentioned it to John Murray who accepted it in April, after seeing the first three chapters.Certainly, the fourth American printing of 1860 and the first Spanish of 1877 contain matter not present in any English printing.The early German and French editions also need examination.He treats all the octavos in twelves as duodecimos, when Murray's accounts make it clear that they are octavos imposed in sheet and a half. 9) that editions since 1898 have not contained the summary of differences.

Indeed I have never seen a Murray Darwin without it after 1861, when it first appeared.

His statement on page [792] that in the later issues, from the thirty-fifth thousand of 1888, the thousands given on the title pages are correct is not true because he has ignored the two volume Library Edition of 1888 which is the thirty-third thousand.

Finally, he considers only the editions and issues printed in England.

Within Darwin's lifetime he misses, so far as I am aware, only three, the 1859 issue of the fifth thousand and the twelfth and thirteenth thousands of 1872.

He refers to the thirteenth thousand of 1873, but the same issue occurs with an earlier title page.

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These facts are at variance with the often-printed statement that all the 1,250 copies were sold to the public on publication day, Thursday 24th; indeed once copies had reached the bookshops, up and down the country, how could anyone know whether they were sold or not.

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