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“Jef has been complaining that they have nothing in common,” to say "This whole story is 100 percent false," adding "My family all says they are shocked, and obviously I'm shocked."Labor Day Weekend: Emily Flies Home to Utah With Jef to Help Him Pack for the Move!

this morning, assures us it was only a done deal today. She had a lot of reservations, a lot of them centered around her daughter and how we’ll handle that — logistically, too, is she gonna come along? But ultimately, she, like Ben [Flajnik] and even Brad [Womack], ironically enough, knows that she can trust us.

Going to her, or somewhere in between, there will be a lot of compromises because of Ricki, which is cool. You go back to Jason Mesnick, a single dad, and we made a lot of accommodations whether it was bringing Ty in or a babysitter, whatever he needed. But TV-wise, it’s gonna be a very different season of , again pushing the social debate of the single mom and when is it okay to bring the daughter in? There are rumors that Bentley has shown interest in being one of her suitors. I don’t mind giving someone a chance, because then it’s her choice.

"Chris has the personal info for all the people on the show, but he doesn't have Emily's," says a show source of Harrison, who regularly keeps in touch with Trista and Ryan Sutter, who completed on ABC's inaugural season of in 2003.

VIDEO: Trista tells Us about her time on The Bachelorette Declared a diva by those on set around her, single mom Maynard, 26, isn't entirely cut off from Harrison, a second show insider insists.

If he were to come back, what do you think producers would have to do to make viewers accept that? The only reason everyone is talking about it is because they remember that moment where he said, “I came on thinking Emily was going to be the Bachelorette,” and obviously it was Ashley and chaos ensued … And you know what, crazier things have happened, maybe they end up happily married. I’ve always been really on the other side of the fence from the creator of the show, Mike Fleiss. We’re gonna find this great guy — not necessarily a celebrity, not necessarily someone you know, not necessarily millionaire but just a great, great guy that’s sincerely looking for long and would be an awesome catch — and let’s let it play out. But on the flip side of the coin, Mike Fleiss, who is far more of a genius than I am — it’s why he’s the millionaire, and I’m the host — says you have that built-in story, and there’s a lot to said for having a built-in story coming into reality television.

You want good TV, but bringing in someone with a known history like his is dangerous — especially when you’re dealing with a single mom. I don’t mean to be the big brother like I’m the gatekeeper, but he’d have to impress me. She’s a friend of mine, and before I let any SOB on the show, I want to make sure he’s a good guy. If he came back and did a full mea culpa and threw himself on the court and said, “Look, I was an ass. When rumors of Emily’s casting surfaced, it reignited the debate over recycled contestants: Some fans love it, some fans hate it. I say you can easily go out and find that Bachelor, that everyday guy — Aaron Buerge and Andy Baldwin, we’ve done it before. The hardest thing to do is start a show, whether it’s , when you have such an obvious home run and it’s such a great story and a great social story with the single mom as well, there’s so much that we’ll bring into the show.

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