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This might surprise you, but it is possible for a bisexual woman to be in a loving relationship with a man and still be bi. But I do feel some guilt for keeping my bisexuality quiet. I don’t announce to everyone every time I fancy a guy, so I’m not sure why I would need to generally proclaim my attraction to women. You can’t really get into LGBTQ culture until you’re proudly out, and feel free to be seen at gay nights, on Tinder searching for women (I’ve had Tinder chats with women before, but was too scared to commit to an actual IRL date), and flirting it up with people without worrying about being ‘caught out’. It’s an infinite loop of not needing to come out unless I date a woman, but not being able to date a woman unless I come out. I don’t have to deal with biphobia (there’s a ), or judgement from my parents, or making the men I date feel uncomfortable.It doesn’t mean I’m lusting over other women, because when I’m invested in one person I’m not looking around at other people – whether they’re women or men (or non-binary). That is, until the day that I have a relationship with a woman, and want to introduce her to everyone I know. But it’s pretty difficult to randomly meet a person a woman who’s gay or bi, and that I want to date, when I’m not entirely out. They shouldn’t be uncomfortable, I know, but right now I’d rather just not bring up the issue than try to break down a bunch of misconceptions with the person I’m seeing. I know that a massive part of breaking down biphobia and all the misconceptions that come with it is people publicly coming out and disproving all those ideas we have about bisexual people – that we’re indecisive, that we’re going through a phase, that we’re more likely to cheat, that we’re greedy.Probably in specific queer-friendly spaces, but I never go there because I’m a wuss), none of those crushes have ever gone anywhere.Let me be clear: I’m not trapped in a miserable existence longing for pussy. He’s not a filler, he’s not a way for me to cover up my sexuality, and I truly, deeply love him.Namely that the person (me, in this case) is a Liberal, which is extremely false, and easy to prove, based upon my previous postings on this website.

I’ll retweet them, sign their petitions, and join them on Pride marches, but as far as my friends, boyfriend, and family know, I’m a straight ally rather than a card-carrying member of the LGBTQ* community.

When he brought up bisexuality a year later, I brushed it off as a phase to avoid another meltdown. I’ve had crushes on girls as long as I’ve thought boys in my classes were cute. T.u’s All The Things She Said video, telling myself that it was just a brilliant song (it’s really not, and I strongly believe that video was responsible for thousands of baby queer awakenings). As I’ve got older and started actually getting with people, rather than having confused fantasies of kissing Hayley Williams and Frank Iero, I’ve come to understand that yeah, it’s entirely possible to be attracted to men and women. But while I’ll bash biphobia and tell everyone to watch The L Word (not because it was When you’re bi, it’s pretty easy to pretend you’re straight.

I just assumed they weren’t actually crushes, and that I was just intimidated by how pretty and wonderful the girls I desperately wanted to be my friend were. I knew I had a lot of ‘girl crushes’, but I liked guys, too, so I focused on that. You know, by only ever crushing on straight girls, failing to get out in the bi and lesbian community, and happily dating dudes.

Like those stupid sings they put along the roadside that say "Single? That and the construction sings that say "Men Working" WTF??? They are either lying, or if not, they are discriminating against female applicants. ;) Just like [email protected]$$es who do something illegal and post it on Facebook under they're real name. I wander if I could contact one of them Feminist groups with a litigious lawyer and send them some pics of that? Well, I adore Classic Feminism, but I abhor Modern Feminism. In short (without going to deep), Modern Feminism has become what Classic Feminism was against (Sexism; In this case, Reverse-Sexism, which is 10x worser, for a variety of reasons, I'll elaborate if asked...)Anyway, sorry about giving you a hard time, but you shouldn't do that. The same applies to these nutcases as-of-late, who make statements to the effect of "If you run a business should be able to discriminate on the basis of anything..." Someone on Fox News actually said they should be able to discriminate against guys with mustaches and blonde anchors (he had a mustache, and the female co-anchor was blonde) although he was really talking about blacks, gays, etc.

That is why we have laws, to keep people from doing stuff like that.

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