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If you enroll a Bank of America account in a credit counseling firm's debt management plan (DMP), you should expect: Debt settlement is an option to consider, if you are experiencing a financial hardship.Debt settlement is an aggressive form of debt relief designed to get you out of debt in 24-48 months, provided you can make the monthly program payment.Contact BOA at (800) 500-5306 for more information. For more information on Clean Sweep or other debt consolidation loans from Bank of America, the customer service team can answer all questions. It is your responsibility to know how long the low rate lasts and what rate you will pay once it adjusts.If Bof A or your other creditors are not willing to work with you, you may need to seek help from some type of professional debt relief organization, whether a credit counseling firm or a debt settlement firm.

It can help clients get out of debt, whether credit card or medical debt, with one predictable, consolidated monthly payment.Not every account that is 9 months late will be sent to collections.Bank of America reviews the size of the account balance owed, the state collection laws, and whether the debtors employment history and assets make collection likely.Bank of America is willing to negotiate settlements in many instances.Based on an audit of hundreds of Bank of America settlements negotiated by professional debt settlement negotiators, the average settlement negotiated was in the range of 50% of the balance clients enrolled in the settlement program.

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