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For example, if your boss points out what she thinks is an error and you're not sure she's correct, you can say, "I hadn't thought of that, and I'm going to look into it right away." I'm sorry I was late for the meeting.

It must have been frustrating because you spent a lot of time preparing and got up early.

"An amazing skill (which you can learn through practice) is to set aside your emotional response in the moment and focus on the information presented to you.

Some of it will be valid and some of it invalid but let your brain decide that, not your ego." Depending on what kind of feedback you're receiving, there are different strategies for responding with a cool head.

That skill is especially important to develop during young adulthood, once you're off the college campus, where it's generally easy to forge close friends.

One way to make friends as a grown-up is to trade confidences.

" as well as scientific research and expert opinion.

People who lack the ability to empathize and take an interest in other people are often narcissists. No one gets a handbook upon turning 18, complete with all the rules they'll need to memorize and competencies they'll need to acquire.Somehow you're just supposed to know that you should have more money coming in than going out, and you shouldn't wear a fuzzy orange sweater to a job interview.If they smile but there are no crinkles around their eyes, they might be faking it.Mayeesha Tahsin says that she thinks of forming relationships as a skill, as opposed to leaving things to chance.

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We've put together our own handbook of sorts, which lists many skills you'll need to survive as an adult in the modern world.

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