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As a freephone call results in no charge to the caller, the organisation receiving the call pays the call cost.The original range of telephone numbers starting '03' was progressively cleared between 19: former geographic area codes starting 03 were renumbered to start 013 during the national Ph ONEday renumbering, while premium rate, local rate and mobile phone prefixes such as 0331, 03 were transferred to a simplified structure of 09, 08 and 07 numbers.Calls to these numbers cost exactly the same as calls to regular local or national landlines (those starting with 01 or 02).Regulation ensures that if a tariff offers inclusive minutes or free calls to numbers starting with 01 or 02, calls to 03 numbers must be included on exactly the same terms.Since their introduction in 2007, these 03 numbers have been the only variety of non-geographic number whose charge is officially linked to that of geographic numbers.

In the simplest case, calls are simply forwarded to a regular geographic number and routed by the telephone exchange in the normal way.Ofcom's "PRS Condition" defines Controlled Premium Rate Services as those: Services identified as CPRS must comply with the PSA Code of Practice.Most non-geographic numbers use prefixes recovered from former use as geographic area codes.The 03 numbering range was then designated as available for any new geographic area codes that might be created during further renumbering.With no further geographic renumbering undertaken, the 03 numbering range was no longer required for its original purpose and was instead redesignated for "non-geographic numbers charged at geographic rate" service in 2006.

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Non-geographic numbers are used for various reasons, from providing flexible routing of incoming phone calls to generating revenue for paid-for services.

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