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For the drivers side door, there are three bronze color screws anchoring the door trim panel to the rest of the door. Use a large philips-head screwdriver to remove these.(illustration) The rest of the door trim panel is now held in place by snap-in anchors and can be loosened by pulling the trim panel away from the door.(illustration) Reconnect the handle/switch assembly to the brown wire harness to allow window control.With the key in the On position (no need to start the engine), roll up the window until the window clamp screws are accessible through the circular cutouts. Reach over the top of the door and pull the window glass upwards (towards yourself).While you're there, also pick up the large hex driver set - it even includes a 17mm hex driver for removing the auto transmission drain plug.No other store carried the item or had any idea where to obtain it.This is combined with a poor design layout that stresses internal solder joints if the locking mechanism screws loosen and allows movement of the entire unit in the door.

Totally Free Cam is updated every 120 Seconds, so each sexcam you see in our index is 100% LIVE right now.In several cases, sending a lock signal via remote locks all but one door.Subsequently sending an unlock and second lock signal then locks the problematic door.On my car, these screws were loose and allowed the lock mechanism to move around, causing solder joint stress - keep reading...(illustration) Disconnect the various wire harnesses on the metal door panel - don't worry about what goes where - each connector can only fit in one and only one place.

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